Who we are?

“The Church is missionary by her very nature” (AG, 2), because it continues with the salvation work initiated by Christ. He is the Missionary of the Father who gives the Church the mandate: “Go into the whole world, preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

The Church would be betraying Christ’s mandate if it did not proclaim the Gospel. However, the Church guarantees the loyal fulfillment of this missionary mandate through her missionary institutes.

We, the Servants of the Word, are a family that was born to carry out our Lord’s task. We accomplish this through the formation of lay and religious missionaries of both sexes and then sending them out into the world to evangelize. Our founding charisma is: “Evangelize the laity so they can also evangelize, –with the Bible in the hand.”

To become a Servant of the Word means to enrich the Church, strengthening her fundamental charisma which is: to be missionary.

This website has been prepared with a great appreciation for all who seek resources to enrich themselves through the Word of God, while spreading this magnificent gift to society.