The Missionary Servants Movement of the Word (MMSP) is conformed by lay young men and women. Having experienced the power of the Word of God, these young people feel a special call to give themselves to the preaching of the Gospel, which they realize through a promise of living, for a year, the evangelical counsels of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. Thus, the missionaries and lay missionaries of the Word want to enrich others with the strength of the Word, and to live, in turn, an apostolic experience that will accompany them throughout their lives at the end of their promise.The MMSP depends on the religious Institutes: Missionaries Servants of the Word and Sisters Missionary Servants of the Word.

Integrate with MMSP

Anyone who has experienced a concern for missionary life is invited to participate in a Vocational Retreat (know our dates for our upcoming vocational retreats) led by the religious Servants of the Word.

You only need:

  • To have at least 18 years old an no more than 30.
  • To have taken the first four courses taught by Missionary Servants of the Word.
  • To have a desire to dedicate one year to evangelization, full time, without receiving financial compensation.
  • To have good health.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a Catholic priest.

Once you’ve been accepted in the formation, which lasts at least six months, and after successfully completing it, you formally belong to the MMSP through a promise, legally private, that the lay faithful makes to God, before the community. The commitment is to serve in evangelization according to the method of Servants of the Word for a year. This promise can be renewed, according to the opinion of those responsible.


The missionaries and lay missionaries of the Word have the purpose of bringing evangelization to the peoples where they are sent by those responsible for the movement, collaborating with it in the task of the Church, which is essentially missionary.

That is why, remembering the command of Christ: «As the Father sends me, so I send you» (Jn 20, 23), strive to evangelize all peoples and also to raise lay evangelizers for the Local and Universal Church.


At the head of the formation is the male religious team for men and the female religious team for women. They are responsible for seeing the trainees observe and grow in the following aspects.

Prayer and community life

Intellectually, the future missionary is prepared to give Bible courses through daily classes, and spiritually, through the daily meditation of an hour in the morning, the prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, an hour of worship, participation in The Eucharist, the reception of the sacrament of Reconciliation, manual labor and the practice of charity towards the brothers. It is also very important for the development of the virtues to cultivate the spirit of sacrifice.


The study is a very important element for the spiritual and intellectual growth of the Server of the Word.During the time of formation, the laity study at least the first six biblical courses from P. Luis Butera, founder of the Servants of the Word, so that they can then teach them to others. In addition to the courses, in the period of formation the Council documents and the Catechism of the Catholic Church are studied, among other texts that help to know the doctrine of the Church.


In the formation of the lay missionaries material work is not neglected, which helps them to shape their character, purifies their spirit and allows them to bear witness to their faith.

The work accepted with generosity prepares the missionaries to be fulfilled in all that their vocation will demand, and forges them in the virtue of charity and in the spirit of sacrifice.


During the time of formation the future missionaries exercise in some apostolates, such as home visits, the dissemination of the good press in all possible ways, especially the Inquietud Nueva Magazine, the prayer of the meditated Biblical Rosary and the promotion of weekend biblical retreats.

Vocational retreats

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