Servants of the Word are the manly Institute of Consecrated Life for the Missions.

At the MSP Institute there are 57 priests, 8 deacons, 125 seminarians of Philosophy and Theology, 16 religious brothers, 33 novices and 42 postulants.

Apostolic Stage

The apostolic stage is the stage of the lay faithful who, after six months of spiritual preparation, study and work, are given the task of full-time evangelism. This service is exercised for a year, through a promise to serve during this time according to the method of Missionaries Servants of the Word in the MMSP.


The stage of the novitiate is a time of special formation that prepares the consecration to God through the profession of public vows, which is why much importance is attached to prayer during the novitiate, in order to understand the demands of the call of Christ: « If anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me «(Mt 16:24).

The Constitutions and the spirituality of the Institute establish that the novitiate of the MSP has a duration of one year, which is dedicated to deepening personal communion with Christ and the demands of charity and community life; The special emphasis is placed on the main aspects of MSP spirituality, such as the spirit of generosity and sacrifice that fortify the will, and the experiential knowledge of the Word of God. Also important is the study of the institute’s Constitutions, of some language, liturgy and music.

Manual work must not be lacking in the daily activities of the novice, who plays an important role in forging a firm character, not hesitate to face the difficulties of life.

Perpetual vows

After six years of temporary vows, the religious MSP can apply to be admitted to the perpetual religious profession to be incorporated into the Institute definitively.

Temporary vows

Through vows of poverty, chastity and obedience the religious consecrate himself to God, imitating in a special way the poor, chaste and obedient Christ, and thus becoming «a true sign of Christ in the world.»

The period of temporary vows is renewed every year for six years. Once this time is over, the religious MSP can be admitted to perpetual vows.

The period of temporary vows prepares the religious to a definitive and more generous surrender to the Lord. During this period the necessary studies are continued, the apostolate of evangelization is exercised, and a particular service is provided to the community, if this is the case.

Those who among the religious of temporary vows are also candidates for the priesthood, study the Philosophy and Theology, according to the norms established by the Church, and go even deeper into the studies of the Bible.

It is necessary that all MSP religious have a good intellectual and religious preparation to better serve the cause of evangelization.